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Chinese <> English Dictionary 双解多用字典


Chinese Songs and Music (audio)

Preschool Online Learning

English Dictionary 英文字典


Chinese Children Songs 儿童歌曲


Map of China 中国地图 


Chinese Songs 儿童歌曲下载 (downloadable)

Chinese Words 中国文字


Chinese Campus Songs 校园歌曲



Chinese Pop Songs 同一首歌

Standard Chinese 标准中文


Songs by Singers    Females  Males 歌手

Standard Chinese Textbook Instructions


Chinese Folk Music 中国民歌民乐

Standard Chinese Textbook 1-1 (text & audio)


Chinese Traditional Instrument Music 中国民乐


New Practical Chinese 实用汉语


Chinese Songs in Video (youtube)

Video, audio, text, pinyin, characters by Lessons


1. 数鸭子Counting Ducklings  2.拔萝卜Pull Carrots

Text & audio by lesson (Olive Chinese)


3. 小白兔乖乖Little Rabits 4.小星星Twinkle Twinkle

Practical Chinese Reader 实用汉语


5. 泥娃娃Clay Baby 6. 两只老虎Two Tigers

Texts, Exercises & Sound Files 


7. 找朋友Find a friend  8.世上只有妈妈好Mom’s Song

Words Writing Sheets


9.上学歌Go school 10.春天在哪里Spring’s song

Vocabulary Lists


11. 一分钱A penny song 12.卖汤圆Riceball Song

Text audio & video

13. 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟Snail & Oriole14. 丢手绢Handkerchief song


15. 歌声与微笑 Songs & Smiles

Teaching Chinese 中文教学

16. 快乐汉语 Happy Chinese Learning Short Stories  

Teaching Pinyin 拼音教学  Pinyin Song 拼音歌

17. Easy Chinese   CRI Chinese

Chinese Language Basic Elements 汉语基本要素


Picture Stories & Audio Stories

Ma Li Ping Homework Sheet 马立平家庭作业


Picture Stories 插图故事

Standard Chinese Homework Sheet 标准中文家庭作业


Storyland with pictures 漫画故事

Grammars 查字典 拼音方案 多音字 句式 偏旁部首表


World Children Stories (audio) 世界儿童故事

Standard Chinese Textbook Lessons (text)  标准中文课件


Chinese Idioms Stories (CH/EN) 成语故事

Measure Words 量词集锦  


Classic Children Stories (CH/EN ) 古典儿童故事

Similar Words  形似字集锦


Synonym – Antonym Phrases 同义词,反义词集锦


Riddles & Idioms 谜语, 成语之最



Class Games  课堂游戏 猜猜Pokemon (CH/EN)


Chinese Children Stories 有声故事 (animated )

Useful Resource Links 多用途网站联接


Chinese Stories 有声故事下载 (animated video download)

Culture Trivia 文化常识



Chinese Riddles 猜猜谜语


Stories for Reading

Composition in Chinese 作文素材


Reading Chinese Stories  儿童文学

Funny Chinese 另类中文


Chinese 5000 Years of History (audio) 中国上下五千年

Kids Jokes 儿童笑话


Chinese 5000 Years of History (text) 中国上下五千年



Chinese New Year History  (EN)



Chinese Calendar Wiki  (EN)





Prepare For College 备考大学


eChinese Learning

AP Chinese Central  AP中文


Issue 20  (Sep. 16, 2009)

SAT II Chinese Q & A  SATII 中文


Issue 19  (Sep. 10, 2009)

Chinese Proficiency Test 中文水平考试


Issue 18  (Sep. 2, 2009)

Youth Chinese Proficiency Test 中小学生中文水平考试


Guidelines for Applying to Top Colleges


Content Standards for Chinese Education in USA


College Requirement Changes in 2008 & after






Online Books




Chinese Mall


Books from China


Ma Li Ping Chinese






More Chinese Textbooks 其它汉语教科书


Integrated Chinese 中文听说读写 (char list)


Ma Li Ping Chinese 马立平中文 


MeiZhou Chinese 美洲汉语







Families & Friends



Modern Chinese Classics  中国语言的经典







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