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CCLTC is devoted to advancing quality education in Chinese language and culture at all levels in the state of Colorado .  CCLTC is a non-political, non-profit, educational, and professional organization that represents the interests of a wide range of students, teachers, and community members, including individuals from all cultural and linguistic backgrounds who are interested in promoting the study of Chinese language and culture in Colorado .  CCLTC supports and encourages the advancement of scholarship and professional development of its members.  It serves as a forum for Chinese language educators in Colorado to communicate, network, share resources, and disseminate information.  CCLTC is also committed to sponsoring statewide workshops and activities for students at all levels.
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UT to study Chinese Heritage Schools 
Budget woes frustrate foreign language goals

2009 Fall Chinese Teachers Training Workshop
"Classroom management & Differentiated Instructions" 
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101 Class Intervention by Dr. Dan Doyle
Strategic Classroom Management by Dr.Dan Doyle
Immersion program in China by China Travel & Tours

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DCSD Chinese Teacher Conference

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