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    Welcome to Great Wall Chinese Academy 长城中文学校欢迎你

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2017-2018 Earlier Bird Open Enrollment 新学年早鸟注册
*** Annual tuition discount 全年注册优惠
*** Opens now till end of May 注册优惠到五月底结束
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+ Family Referal Program 家庭介绍计划
+ 2017 Summer Princeton Review SAT Course

+ Chinese Writing Competiation 长城学生侨报作文大赛获奖
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  School and Community News 学校社区信息

+ 2017.3.18 Denver Travel & Advanture Show 文化公益演出
+ 2017.02.25 Visit a Retirment Home 访问老人院
+ 2017 Chinese New Year

+ 2017 Chinese New Year 春节活动
+ 2017 Denver International Calligraphy Exhibition 丹佛首届国际书法展活动
+ 2016 Youth Chinese Writing Competiation Semi Finalists 侨报作文大赛入围名单
+ 2016.12.17 Visit Brookdale Nursing Home 访问老人院
+ 2016.12.10 School Holiday Party 学校圣诞节活动
+ 2016.10.01 Moon Festival 国庆中秋活动
+ 2016.09.10 Visit VA Nursing Home 访问老人院

2017 Chinese New Year

2016 Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

  School and Community News 学校社区信息 2015-2016

+ 2016 Students Artworks 学生手工绘画作品  
+ 2016 Graduates Essays 高中毕业生作文  
+ 2015-2016 School Events 学校和课堂活动  
+ 2015-2016 Community Services 学生义工活动  
+ 2015 National Chinese Writing Competition 全美侨报作文比赛
+ 2016 Chinese New Year 春节庆祝活动
+ Volunteers on Christmas Day 圣诞节走访老人院

+ Books for Schools 华星书屋 

2014-2015 Yearbook
+ Students Essays 学生作文选
+ Students Artworks  学生美术作品
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+ Graduates & Awards  学生获奖名单
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Congradualtions to Winners in 2015 National Chinese Writitng Competition

Great Wall Chinese Academy’s students spread Christmas joy

, 祝贺我们的获奖老师 Congratulations to our award winning teachers.

:   冯咪咪
优秀海外华文教师   戈明, 陈韶华


优秀华文教师奖:  何璐,康京, 叶云飞,胡友平
优秀学校工作奖:      魏东青, 谭冬莉
优秀活动贡献奖:   程少梅, 孔颖
华舞杯鼓励奖:          舞蹈大班,舞蹈小班
海外华文教案比赛二等奖  叶云飞
The 2nd place, International Chinese Education Lesson Plan Contest

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+ 2014 Dragon Boat  
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We are a Sunday Chinese school serving metro Denver of Colorado
Teach simplified Mandarin Chinese with iIntegrated Chinese language and cultures curriculum
Provide Sunday Chinese School,  After-school Chinese Program in public schools, and Chinese private tutors
Include neighboorhood areas of Denver, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Aurora, Englewood, Centennial, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Parker
Douglas County schools, Jeffco schools, Cherry Creek Schools, Littleton Schools, Aurora schools
Immersion Education     Billingual education

We welcome studnets from all culture backgrounds. 

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